Chiropractic Testimonials

"LOVED this place. Dr. Davis is very well versed and he has a great personality!"

- I.Y. Frisco

"I have been coming here for four years now. I schedule an appointment once a month just to stay tuned up. I am in my 60's and I have found that it is much easier to avoid problems and pain with a monthly checkup.
When I first started coming I was having some severe foot pain. After a few visits I have been pain free.
The staff here are very friendly and helpful. I have been going to chiropractors all of my adult life. These folks are among the finest I have known."

- D.S. Lucas

"Great place!! Fixed my problems very quickly!"

- J.W.

"Best place ever! Dr. Davis is the bomb! My whole family sees Dr. Davis for a variety of issues and each time he is able to accurately pinpoint the exact problem spot and help us heal quickly! Dr. Davis’ knowledge and professionalism goes beyond what you can imagine! The staff is very professional and pleasant."

- S.N.

"Great experience! Friendly staff - Doctors are very knowledgeable and take the time to fully explain the process. Experienced immediate relief from my pain"

- M.R.

"Dr Davis was amazing! My husband has been going to see him for a couple of months, so I decided to give him a try for some chronic pain I’ve been experiencing. He listened to my symptoms and spent a lot of time treating me. I had immediate results with so much energy to do my daily activities! My only regret is I wished I had gone earlier rather than wasting money on massages and other chiropractor care. Dr Davis is the best!"

- J.M.

"I have used Dr. David Findura for several years. He is attentive to your symptoms and needs. He is professional in his treatment and recommended exercise protocols. If his treatment plan is followed, your health will improve."

- L.T.

"Dr. Findura was very knowledgeable about my son's sport's injury and very thorough on the treatment. We will be going back and I would recommend him."

- M.D.

"Dr Vincent is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He spoke on my level and i really appreciate this with my doctors. The whole office is very professional and courteous."

- C.

"Amazing experience each time I go. Dr. Davis does a great job working on the areas you need. I have been in multiple car accidents and Dr. Davis helped me tremendously get back to normal and be able to sleep through the night without extreme pain."

- S.M.

"Dr. John Davis is awesome! Highly Recommend him."

- T.L.

"Our experience with ACS, has been AWESOME! Dr Vincent was patient and kind with both my kids while trying to locate their aches and pains. With two kids in high impact sports, I’m happy we found a place that can ease their aches!"

- K.N.

"My son saw Dr Vincent for a popping in his neck which turned out to be caused by his hyoid bone (who knew?!) in his throat. All of the staff and Dr Vincent are top notch. Highly recommend."

- A.K.

"AMAZING care! Dr Davis and his team are rockstars!"

- P.L.

"Dr. Davis at Advanced Chirosport is awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly.. He had immediately diagnosed my shoulder and got to work. Should have listened to the wifey and went in to see Dr Davis sooner 8). My shoulder feels much better, and with the assigned exercises, the range of motion has improved. Highly recommended, check them out!"

- G.S.

"I love this place. They are my first choice before I go to my Dr to see how we can fix things. Kelly is very knowledgeable and very nice. Dr Vincent is attentive and makes me feel better each time. I have also brought my children here for minor sports injuries and they have helped tremendously."

- B.E.

"The staff are always so friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Davis is the best. He knows exactly where my issues are and works with them until they are better. He's always alert to my feeling and asking if I'm ok. He'll give me a rest if the treatment is too much all at once. I'm so glad I found Advanced Chirosport!"

- A.G.

"Dr. Davis did a fantastic job and truly cares about making you feel better. He spent the necessary time with me and also made certain to fit me in for a follow up the same week, which I gathered does not happen often."

- C.M.

"Wonderful, and thorough spent a lot of time evaluating our athletes and meeting their chiropractic needs. My son can’t wait to go back."

- K.N.

"Awesome staff and I felt so much better after my first visit!"

- M.F.

"Dr. Vincent and his staff are awesome. Would highly recommend!!"

- D.M.

"Dr. Findura was great!!"

- M.M.

"Dr Vincent is thorough and courteous and has my complete confidence. He repaired my back injury."

- T.S.

"Dr Vincent is outstanding and I highly recommend him for lower back and hip injuries."

- T.S.

"I received the most amazing treatment here!! I feel like I have my life back, even after one visit! I definitely plan on going back, and referring everyone I know to them!!
~Windy, Licensed Massage Therapist"

- W.W.

"Love the new location. All staff is professional and on time. I highly recommend Advance Chirosport in Murphy."

- D.W.

"Extraordinarily prompt service (was seen within an hour of leaving an emailed appointment request). Seen on time. Attended to immediately. Dr. Vincent was able to quickly isolate the issue with my neck and provided treatment that has my neck feeling better than it has for years. I highly recommend Dr. Vincent and Advanced Chirosport."

- B.F.

"Great experience! Everyone was super friendly and Dr. Vincent was great at diagnosing and treating my problem. Highly recommend!!!"

- T.H.

"Dr Davis is patient and thorough. I’m seeing a marked improvement after my first visit. He’s treated several of my sons for sports injuries and we’ve always had a great experience."

- D.A.

"Good knowledgeable people and doctors here. Super nice and sweet front desk girl Kelly. Dr. Findura is a great guy too, almost everyone here is an athlete or ex athlete. Get A.R.T, dry needling, stim, and adjustments here ."

- A.E.

"I have been seen by Dr. Davis for various aliments over the past couple of years. He has also treated my family as well. Most people think of popping your back and neck cracking only when they hear the word Chiropractor. That is not the case here. Dr. Davis accesses you before treatment. I am always amazed at the results. I walk out feeling better and with more mobility. I have found a love for dry needling as it offers a quick release for me. The customer service is amazing from the moment you call Advanced Chirosport. The office staff is friendly and the "treatment team" is knowledge and friendly too! I highly recommend!"

- J.O.

"Dr Davis and the staff at Advanced Chirosport are professional, friendly and VERY talented. I am thankful and so pleased with the progress I've experienced under their care over the last two months."

- P.G.

"These Dr’s have always healed whatever issue I’ve come to their office complaining of. They are the BEST hands down. I’ve now moved 2 hours away from their office but will drive the distance because they are absolutely worth it!!! And everyone is super nice and greets you with a smile aka love you Kelly."

- D.C.

"Second week of going there my first acupuncture for a sciatic nerve doctor Davis and his staff they are amazing I will go there and send everybody I know there thank you so much Dr. Davis for everything that you do."

- C.L.

"Worked with Dr. David Findura, he was very good at explaining what he was seeing and the processes he was using to correct the dysfunction he saw. Will be going back for continued treatments and would recommend."

- C.H.

"This place was pretty cool. I noticed a difference after the 1st visit. To me its one stop shop for any pain related to sports complications. I have been experiencing hip issues and after the 1st visit I have better range of motion. The staff was very friendly all the way up to the doctors. Everyone spoke on the same sheet of music. Rare these days to experience a high service level."

- M.D.

"Dr Vincent was very thorough in assessing my injury and giving me a plan of recovery."

- S.P.

"Amazing staff and I highly recommend Dr. Vincent."

- J.M.

"I like the fact that these doctors want us to get better and not keep coming to see them. They listen to us and provide treatments and exercises to help improve mobility and relieve pain. I had gone to Advance Chirosport in the past and when my son and later my daughter complained of back problems and neck and shoulder problems I knew these doctors could help them."

- H.M.

"It's a great place, very professional and knowledgeable!!"

- C.M.

"There isn't one thing that needs to be changed! Patient satisfaction is their number 1 goal and you definitely feel value when you leave."

- J.P.

"Dr Davis was sooo amazing. He was honest, knowledgeable, and his hands were magical. Painful- but magical and my plantar fasciitis will be on its way out the door soon enough WITHOUT a steroid shot. Woohoo!"

- S.W.

"Great Experience from the time I booked the appointment. I had a minor adjustment and accupuncture. With a full schedule, they were able to communicate through email and work with my schedule."

- S.K.

"Dr Vincent listened to all my concerns and addressed each one. He was very personable."

- J.F.

"I have had chronic pain in my neck. On my first visit Dr. Findura worked on the muscles surrounding my neck and shoulders and did some dry needling. It helped significantly! I can't wait to see the continued progress!"

- L.P.

"I feel great after a visit. I really should not wait so long between appointments. Thank you."

- K.C.

"Very friendly and knowledgeable, made me feel right at home and at ease though it was my first time."

- B.G.

"In my last trimester of my pregnancy I started having numbness in my right hand from carpal tunnel. I was told to see Dr. Davis for help. I'm so glad I called! I'm still getting treatment, but have already seen great improvement. He and the other staff are all so nice and even hold a fussy, hungry baby when I need it."

- L.M.

"Dr. Davis is very thorough and talented. Went in with a whiplash from car wreck and came out with full range of motion and feeling like a boneless chicken."

- K.M.

"Dr Davis is by far the best sports injury professional I know and that includes orthopedics. I have gain more mobility in injure areas than before. Thanks!!"

- C.S.

''Dr. Findura was able to return a hand that was experiencing muscle spasms numerous times a day, for a period of two weeks, to normal operation in just one treatment!"

- E.L.

"Dr. Davis is absolutely amazing. He was able to pinpoint the source of my pain and I left feeling 100% better! Highly recommend him!!"

- B.R.

"Excellent service. Dr. Chase is wonderful and staff couldn't be more professional or friendly. Highly recommend them."

- L.C.

"Staff is super friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere felt very welcomed. Doc was thorough and took the time to work on my problem and very personable. Nice place."

- K.M.

"This place gets a very strong recommendation from me."

- A.R.

"My family loves everyone at Advanced Chirosport. They really listen to the patient describing the problem to find the root cause of the issue. They are very thorough in explaining the treatment and any recommended exercises for each individual. I recommend this practice to all of my friends and family."

- B.P.

"Always friendly, fast and prompt service. Diagnosis was quick, accurate, and treatment plan resolved problem."

- R.M.

"Very professional and focused on the problem. Much more sports medicine vs. chiropractic."

- M.A.

"Excellent staff and doctors. I just started my treatment for my foot problems and came away very impressed and feeling good about treating this problem going forward."

- L.G.

"Phenomenal service and results. Don't waste time going anywhere else. These folks are exceptional at what they do and getting you back in motion! I would recommend any friend or family member to them and know they will be in great hands."

- J.J.

"Very detailed with treating the problem you are having. Communication was great! Doesn't talk over your head."

- J.P.

"After dealing with chronic back issues for 10 years, I started going at the beginning of my pregnancy for prevention. Luckily I was an established patient, since soon after I had a big car wreck and then a few weeks later my back went out again. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and I have never held much stock in them. This is the first place I feel like my needs are being addressed with success. They truly don't want you coming back week after week like many places do- they want you out and successful! That speaks volumes. Big thanks to Dr. Davis for improving my function again after just a few days of being down."

- A.H.

"I send all my dancers here! We Love Advanced Chirosport!!!"

- K.O.

"Went to the clinic regarding tennis elbow. He took alot of time with me, treated the issue with massage and dry needle and gave exercises to help strengthen."

- V.L.

"Dr David Findura is the best. He explains everything that is going on as he work out the kinks. He has always been able to get me back on my feet."

- M.K.

"I was very happy with Dr. Vincent. He was knowledgeable and friendly. I will be definitely going back."

- K.S.

"Excellent service. Friendly staff and Dr. David Findura is amazing at what he does. I visited him twice in a year, once for my neck pain and other when my rib was out. His knowledge in this field is amazing and within few of the actions that he asks to perform he is able to identify the problem and then adjust the body accordingly."

- Y.M.

"These people are truly miracle workers. Go see them, you won't regret it"

- C.T.

"I was in so much pain earlier this week and Dr. Vincent helped relieved my pain and helped me with execercises that I could do at home. Thank you!"

- R.S.

"I've seen many chiropractors and physical therapists but these guys by far are above the curve. Almost instant relief and and outline program to get me all straightened out. They don't treat the symptoms, they treat the cause! I look forward to working with them further."

- G.D.

"Very happy with my results for my major back pain. Love the acupuncture to decrease the knots in my back. Highly recommend this company. Always relief!!!!"

- A.A.

"Dr. Findura was amazing. He took his time and was very thorough. My knees and hips feel so much better after one visit. I received stretches and new rolling techniques to do on my own and I'm already feeling a difference. I highly, highly recommend!"

- G.L.

"I'm not an athlete by any means, nor do I have any major issues; but I needed some help with my shoulder and neck area due to stress and overuse. Dr. Davis has utilize massage therapy and acupuncture for these areas and so far, after only 2 visits, I'm beginning to have less pain and more range of motion. On the road to recovery! I have told several friends and family members about them!!"

- C.T.

"I started seeing Dr Findura in January. I see him once a week. I had been a patient to another chiropractor for 17 years. That chiropractor only focused on adjusting bones. I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for 12 years from a wreck I had. I also suffer from chronic migraines. Since I started seeing Dr F, there has been an amazing transformation in my physical health. He focuses on deep muscle tissue and it has made a world of difference! I NO LONGER wake up in pain! And what's even better, I'm not rushed in and out in 15 minutes like I was for years. He takes his time and focuses on your pain and what your body needs. Every visit has been a new experience for me. I'm telling everyone about this place! Thanks also for the staff! They are very attentive and are very sincere. Thank you!"

- S.L.

"Always a fantastic visit. These are very knowledgeable professionals and they get the job done."

- C.K.

"I hobbled in 2 weeks after tearing all the ligaments in my ankle teaching a fitness class. Dr. Vincent found and treated other areas of weakness to promote balanced healing. He was both polite and engaging while being extremely focused on the soft tissue manipulation that has made my ankle feel the best it's been since my injury. He equipped me with at-home exercises and a plan for active recovery.
The entire staff is courteous and welcoming, and the holistic, integrative approach to healing just makes sense. So glad I hobbled in!"

- L.H.

"I hobbled into Advanced Chirosport Inc. a few yrs ago with low back pain at the point I could not drive (pain to the point I could not lift my legs to work the clutch and gas & brake pedals). The treatment I got was fabulous!! With therapy to treat the muscular issues along with acupuncture cured my problem. I have had these wonderful people treat my sciatic nerve issues and a shoulder problem. I have been pain free for more than 2 years now. Thank you!!!"

- D.H.

"I highly recommend the staff and experience you will receive here. It has done wonders for my athletic pursuits."

- J.L.

"I started training in August, 2016, for my first full marathon (Dallas BMW Marathon Dec. 11th, 2016). I was on an aggressive schedule for a 4-hour marathon. For 2 1/2 months, I trained hard, completing speed work, hills, long runs (up to 17 miles) half marathons at a marathon pace. Everything was going well until I started experiencing lower back pain and shooting pain down my leg. I tried running several times during this pain with no luck. I even did my 19 miler on the elliptical (3 hours 10 minutes) because I was that desperate to get in my workouts. It got to the point where the pain was getting worse, and I couldn't run at all. I made an appointment with Advanced Chirosport and saw Dr. David Findura. After two treatments, one consisting of dry needling, I have no pain in my lower back. I attempted to run the next day after the treatment, and to my surprise, I was able to run four miles with very little pain if any! I was considering not running the marathon, but my hopes have been restored! Even though I have lost fitness and strength, and my goal of a four hour marathon is out, I'll be running this Sunday, thanks to Dr. Findura! I have to admit, I was skeptical with these types of procedures, but I am now a believer!"

- T.B.

"So far so good, man my back is in rough shape but Dr. Vincent has helped relieve my pain considerably. Staff is super friendly and helpful."

- S.M.

"This place is amazing! After months in pain, working with multiple doctors, and taking several rounds steroids, Dr. Vincent was the answer! He helped with sciatica, knee pain, and back pain. I would highly recommend him and Advanced Chirosport."

- C.O.

"This review has been a long time coming. Better late than never, right? I visited Dr. John Davis and Dr. Findura during a very difficult time in my life, when I was having inexplicable back pain for about 3 years. After seeing an ortho who wanted to perform a highly invasive surgery on me for something he wasn't even sure was the cause (this guy wanted to put steel pins in my sacrum because he felt I had SI Joint syndrome. I declined.), I started coming to Advanced Chirosport on a regular basis in order to get relief. While they were unable to diagnose this excruciating pain that seemed to be getting worse by the day, Dr. Davis kept me going week after week with his ART, Dry Needling, and taping methods. His techniques were enough to get my by until the next visit. He was always so compassionate, and made it his mission to help put me back together. After about a year of treatment with no actual resolution to my pain and an actual worsening, Dr. Davis strongly recommended I get a second opinion from a neurosurgeon. I was hesitant to do that, since my last ortho said all my MRI's and scans were clean, two years prior. Thankfully I listened to Dr. Davis, and promptly found a reputable neurosurgeon who ordered new scans, then diagnosed me with a Schwanoma, a tumor of the nerve sheath on the base of my spine. It was large in size and growing rapidly, which explained my increasing pain. After a 5 hour surgery it was completely removed by my neurosurgeon, and my life is completely back to normal now. I was even able to have a baby a year after the operation! I thought that ship had sailed, long before. I credit Dr. Davis greatly for helping me get my life back. He sensed that there was something more going on than a sports injury, and knew well enough to recommend my next course of action, even though I was stubborn. Glad that I listened! Thank you Advanced Chirosport for giving me my life back."

- A.S.

"Great staff and customer services. Everyone is nice and professional. Dr. Findura is awesome. All treatments are explained thoroughly. Dr. Findura is very professional and knowledgeable. He is dedicated and couldn't be more qualified. I am very pleased with all treatments and services. I highly recommend Dr. Findura and Advanced Chirosport! Thank You!"

- H.N.

"I can't say enough good things about Advanced Chirosport! I wish I would've brought my daughter sooner. Dr. Findura is amazing! I can't believe how great she feels and now there is no complaints of soreness or tightness after spending hours in the studio."

- C.H.

"Seriously, this place is amazing! I've had Achilles and Plantar issues for the past 2 years and nothing had worked. I'm talking daily pain from the time my heels hit the floor of about a 7-9 all the time. After my 3rd visit with the dry needling and the other stuff they did, I'm walking and running almost completely pain free! At worst my pain can get up to a 1-2! I had forgotten what life was like without pain, it's amazing!!! Also, in the last 2 months I even started running! If you're in pain, do yourself a favor and go see these guys. All you have to lose is pain!"

- J.M.

"This is the first time in 5 months my Achilles' tendon has not hurt. Dr. Findura is great as well as the rest of the staff!"

- E.N.

"The staff is amazing. Everyone helped me feel comfortable and talked me through the entire process."

- S.P.

"I am so grateful having found Advanced Chirosport. I have been to many chiropractors in my life, and none have given me the relief of pain and guidance to help strengthen my body to heal its self."

- M.H.

"Absolutely THE BEST chiropractic experience I have ever had. Dr. Findura is very very knowledgeable and made sure I had a complete understanding of why I was in pain. I felt immediate relief and can't wait to continue my treatment. Will always come here."

- J.P.

"I really love this place. Each time I have been here everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They really care about your well being."

- C.M.

"Professional chiropractors, clean office and the staff super attentive! Don't wait for any ache or pain to get in the way of an active life! Thank you Dr Findura!"

- M.C.

"I haven't felt this good since Day 1." - Actual quote from Adam Kimble after his dry needling session with David Findura at Advanced Chirosport Inc in Dallas. We can't say thank you enough to David for treating Adam, giving him new hope that pain free moments and days are still possible 1,500 miles into this journey. DFW peeps: check out Advanced Chirosport in Murphy!"

- A.K.

"I hyperextended my elbow 2 months ago. It was painful and wasn't getting better. Dr. Findura used different techniques, and I was 80% better by the time I left 30 minutes later! They were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!"

- C.S.

"This is only my second visit and I am absolutely blown away by the care I've had. Dr. Vincent has done more for my pain in two visits than I had in over a month of adjustments elsewhere. I had almost decided I may have to give up running before coming here. Now I know I'll still be pounding the pavement for a long time to come."

- K.B.

"This place is legit! My 15 year old says, "I feel better than ever!" And he showed it on the baseball field yesterday. Before you spend thousands of dollars like we did go see Dr. Davis. He works magic!"

- R.W.

"I recommend Advanced Chirosport to all my friends! Fast, friendly, and effective service! The staff are all wonderful and you get a truly amazing experience every time you go in. When I first went, the pain was so bad that I could hardly drive, read, or ride my horse. Going to Advanced Chirosport made all of that possible again. Highly recommended!"

- L.D.

"The staff is excellent and Dr. Davis is a miracle worker. Advanced Chirosport made my pregnancy so much better by relieving my round ligament pain, back pain, and migraines. My midwife suggested medication for my migraines but I really didn't want to be on medication while pregnant. After only 6 weeks of weekly treatments, Dr. Davis cured my chronic migraines, medication free!
That was over a year ago, I now see him for ear pain that my general doctor could not help. They suggested that I see an ENT but it would take a month to even be seen, so I made an appointment with Dr. Davis to see if maybe he could help. It turns out, the pain is related to muscle spasms in my face and neck and he was able to bring relief within the first week of treatment and after only two weeks the pain is completely gone, along with the dizziness, and headaches it was causing, all without medication!
Kelly at the front is not only incredibly helpful with insurance, payment option info, and finding you the best available appointment for you (she will actually call you back if you want something sooner and a slot opens up!) but she is also incredibly nice and always happy to see you or hear from you.
All of the techs that have worked with my have been awesome. I can't say enough good things about this place and anytime I know someone in need of Chiro service, I don't hesitate to brag about Dr. Davis and his team in Murphy.
The office is great, professional, and comfortable. The clientel are a nice group of people, definitely not a scummy crowd like some PT places I have had to go to for work injuries. If I had to pick something to improve on, it would be the parking, it can be limited sometimes.
Do yourself a favor and give this place a try, you wont regret it if you follow the Doc's orders without being a slacker about it. They really do want to make you better, not keep you coming forever like some places I have heard about!"

- H.W.

"I just turned 33 and on my birthday messed up my back so I went to a chiropractor for the first time. Dr. Findura took care of me, figured out what was wrong, worked on me but most importantly worked on teaching me how to change my behavior so I don't do it again. Also I told him about a problem I have been having with my ankle and he worked on that as well. My wife sees Dr. Davis and is really happy with him as well. I have always been skeptical about chiropractors but after one visit I trust these guys."

- F.M.

"Dr David Findura is the absolute best chiropractor our family has ever had. He is kind and extremely knowledgeable and compassionate . He has helped our daughter with various injuries from mild to severe over the past two years. The entire staff of advanced Chiro concepts is top notch."

- L.L.

"So impressed on my first visit here! Extremely thorough in my evaluation and we were able to start treatment that same day. I was so thankful as I had been in pain for 3 weeks and already experiencing big relief. Not your regular approach to chiropractic care (bend me, shape me, any way you want me!)."

- C.T.

"After one visit with Dr. Vincent, my ongoing issues with right shoulder pain, under arm numbness, and tingling sensation to my fingers are gone! I am able to work all day pain-free! Thanks Dr. Vincent! God bless!"

- N.B.

"A great place to receive relief of the pain. Great people work there and they want to truly help you! I recommend this wonderful place to anyone with pain of back/neck/hip. I'm keeping them in my life!! Thank you to all the wonderful helpful people that truly care about our health and well being that works at the Advanced Chirosport Inc. You're the best!!!"

- A.M.

"Everything Dr. Findura has recommended with stretching & rolling has helped so much & changed my daily life in such a fantastic way. I'm blessed to have found such a great doctor that has helped me with my daily physical pain. ADVANCED CHIROSPORT ROCKS!!!!"

- A.S.

"I WILL be back!!! I am amazed at the results I got from my first visit with Dr. Davis."

- J.H.

"My Doctor has helped me so much! Since I was 16, several doctors and specialist have told me the same thing that I would always be in pain and to live with it. After my car accident I've always had pain until I started seeing Dr. Findura. He has changed my life. He not only knows exactly what's wrong and knows how to fix the problem. But his bed side manner is in incredible. He listens to what I'm telling him not just trying to get me in and out of the office. He really cares and wants his patients to feel better. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Findura for everything!!!"

- P.F.

"Walked in yesterday with burning right thigh and hip pain. It was so bad that standing hurt. If your a gym rat like me, you know how much such an injury limits your performance. Dr. Vincent's evil thumbs worked their magic. When I left, the burning thigh pain was gone. My hip pain was much better and I was given a list of stretches to help. 24 hours after performing the recommended stretches, my hip pain is almost gone."

- L.R.

"I was referred here by my trainer for tennis elbow! I saw Dr. Vincent and after he worked on my arm, I had immediate relief! The staff was great and the office was clean and organized. I felt better educated and will continue to seek treatment here! Good job Dr. V!"

- B.E.

"You guys are awesome!! My back is feeling much better today - the best it has felt since April - thanks to acupuncture and magic hands!!"

- L.S.

"Dr. Findura is absolutely amazing. I don't know what my daughter, Bree, would do without him. We have tried several other doctors in our area to stay close to home but no one has the magic hands like Dr. Findura. Bree feels like a new person when she leaves his office. His staff is also great. We will be forever patients of Advanced Chirosport."

- A.M.

"Dr. Davis and his team are wonderful. Love that he does so much more than a crack & pop & send you on your way. Without all that he was able to keep me moving. The dry needling & deep tissue massages were just what I needed."

- K.C.

"Thanks to Dr. Findura & staff the pain I was suffering with in my lower abdominal area is much less now & almost gone when I do my exercises like I am supposed to! Dr. Findura saved me from needless exploratory surgery. He also addressed & corrected an elbow issue that another chiro had been treating without success. This a great place to get you all fixed up!!"

- J.N.

"After major car accident 8 years ago, had tried traditional physical therapy and other chiropractic care. This amazing office made the difference between "getting by" - and thriving. Worth the time and the long drive. Exceptional care from exceptional people."

- T.B.H.

"Love everything about this place. From Dr to staff they are great. I love knowing when I have any problems there is a place that cares so much about their patients."

- C.R.

"I was always skeptical of Chiropractors but this place is awesome! They've made a believer out of me."

- J.L.

"I visited Advanced Chirosport due to a re-occurring severe back sprain. I'd visited the emergency room in the past, and walk-in clinics to help diagnose and resolve this issue, only to receive no indication of what was wrong and prescriptions for a pain killer and a muscle relaxant. Neither of those which were very effective. I chose to visit Advanced Chirosport based on their online reviews and their alternate view of treating common back ailments. The doctor spent close to an hour with me on my first visit to diagnose, treat, and recommend actions to resolve my continual back issues. There was no insinuation or sell of a 6-8 week treatment program, only a quick and accurate diagnosis of the issue I was having accompanied with muscle therapy to provide immediate pain relief. Their stress on overall muscle heath and common exercises to increase strength was refreshing. A focus on the entire body and connecting elements (the hip was my issue, something I would have never connected with my back pain) brought me to a better understanding of how to stretch out my problem area and how to address it in the future. Their staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on my specific needs without pushing a long term visitation schedule. Cost was reasonable, time spent with the doctor and physical assistants was much more than I'd experienced in the past, and they found the root of my issue right away. Couldn't be more pleased with the experience."

-37 year old male

"You want the BEST then you have to go see Dr Davis and Dr Findura. They know how to take care of you no matter what your issue is. The staff is Amazing and so friendly."

- S.F.

"I suffered for many years with foot pain. I had seen my primary care dr. and a podiatrist, wore the right shoes, did stretches, wore night splints, cortisone shots you name it I tried it but the pain persisted. Some days I was barely able to walk, that is until I found Advanced Chirosport. I was hesitant at first, I had never been to a chiropractor but after a recommendation I decided to make an appointment. I'm very thankful I did. Dr. Findura has helped me to now walk pain free!! It has been truly life changing. Now I'm the one recommending them to my friends and family :)"

- A.C.

"Dr. David is awesome! I was dealing with ankle pain that was always throwing a wrench in my training schedule. David was able to get me healed fast and back to feeling great! My husband and I have been able to do more races this season than ever and they have always been really accommodating about getting us scheduled! The staff is always super friendly and welcoming, feels like home! 🙂 "

- S.L.

"Wow. Great doctors and great staff. I feel amazing. Just ran a half marathon and I couldn't have done it without you guys."

- D.P.

"Have to say you guys continue to amaze me with your knowledge! Dr Davis has been amazing with a shattered ankle and fractured knee that I'm recovering from. He continues to improve his knowledge to get me back to doing what I love as an athlete! Wouldn't be back to Running in 9 months if it hadn't been for you guys! Thank you for keeping me doing what I love. You guys rock! 🙂 "

- P.W.

"I just came home from Spine Team Texas - Rockwall. Dr. Bartholemei told me everything I have been doing including the exercises from Dr. Findura is the best thing for my bulging/slipped disc. Dr. Findura has been instrumental in helping with my pain that I have endured off and on for over 15 years. The past few months, the pain has increased whereby my quality of life has diminished. If anyone has back disc problems, I highly recommend This group of people. They are all very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable in the industry!"

- L.C.

"I spent many months looking for a practice that used ART techniques and was driving hundreds of miles for treatment with diminished returns because of the long drive back home. Many of the muscles throughout the body are starved for blood and nutrients caused by massive amounts of radiation to my neck from throat cancer in 2003. When I first found the doctors it was apparent their blend of western and eastern knowledge was everything I was looking for. Over the past couple of years I know it was visiting Advanced Chirosport that kept me moving and functioning. Fast forward to January 2013. I was under hospice care for 3 months and barely able to walk, sit or even stand. I went to Advanced Chirosport and asked them to help me. They spent hours on me that day and in 3 days I could walk a mile! It is the Fourth of July and I truly feel as if I obtained freedom. Yesterday I rode just over 22 miles. Now my old docs are curious what I did. In January I was taking 20 laxatives a day and unable to eat anything. Since going to Advanced Chirosports in January I have not taken any medications. The greatest part of going is the incredible positive attitudes and environment. It is all about getting you out of the office and resuming life. Loving these guys beyond belief!"

- E.B.

"The whole staff at Advanced Chirosport are just an awesome group of people and I consider them my friends. I had a horrible case of IT Band Syndrome and had tried almost everything in the book. I came to see Dr. Dave not expecting much but had high hopes. After 6 weeks of dry needling and active release, I was back to cycling and running with no pain at all! It has been almost 3 months since my treatment and I am stronger than ever. I really appreciate everything the whole staff did for me, and I'll be coming back for "touch-up" sessions throughout the season. Thanks again for getting me back out there."

- T.A.

" Just a quick note to thank you all for your services provided to me yesterday during my visit. You were very professional, and the pain in my left knee/calf/ankle is greatly improved. I was a doubter before the visit, and just didn't think anyone could help with the pain, but you guys worked wonders, and after months of running with pain, I was able to do 6 miles with very little discomfort. So I am now a believer, and will tell the world you guys are the real deal."

- J.C.

“Wanted to let you know that, due to the borderline-intolerable-extra-long needles my hip and my forearm/elbow endured yesterday (haha), I slept through the ENTIRE night last night without hip or leg pain……….. AND was able to straighten BOTH arms to stretch when I woke up this morning. I don’t think that’s happened since last spring. So………… thanks."

- A.E.

"I just wanted to say thanks for the treatment on my calf last week. I felt no pain in my calf while running or after finishing the 50 mile race. I have doubt that I could not have done it without your treatment. Thanks!”

- B.P.

"Thank you so much for your support! These kind words may be an influential part of a future patients trust… The staff at Advanced Chirosport in Murphy are FABULOUS! My back and shoulder were really bothering me and they set out to not just fix the problem for a day, but eliminate the problem all together. They are extremely knowledgeable and explain everything they are doing and why. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in over 10 years and was a little apprehensive. They all put me right at ease and I started feeling better immediately. Go see Advanced Chirosport if you want to feel better than you ever have!”

- M.L.

"I am an orchestral clarinetist – and like most professional musicians I started training on my instrument by the time I was 8 years old. Musicians are constantly practicing and/or performing and – with all that repetitive motion and stress on the body – there can be a lot of discomfort or pain that make it harder to play with precision. I have found that Advanced Chirosport is incredibly knowledgeable and has a creative approach to his treatment. Not only am I experiencing no pain but also my performance has directly benefited from his sessions. Dr. Dukes’ treatment involves coaching you on stretches and exercises relevant to the type of activity you do, and his approach is very comprehensive. I am so excited about the results I am telling all my colleagues about him! It is not common for professional musicians to trust someone with their bodies and careers, but Advanced Chirosport’s work is outstanding.”

- Viktoria

"Because of a deep mistrust of doctors, I dealt with shoulder pain and decreasing range of motion for many months. When it got to the point that I couldn’t wash my own hair, I knew that I had to seek treatment. With a combination of ART and acupuncture, I am now fully functional. Though I still have some “stuck” areas, Advanced Chirosport has given me some exercises to work through those at home.”

- Alice

"You prevented me from surgery! Totally impressed by Advanced Chirosport and the entire staff.”

- K.D.

"In Nov, 05, I seriously thought that I was close to disability, I just Hurt! I tried everything and I mean everything-and tons of money on different doctors and all kinds of medicine-especially pain medicine. Fortunately for me and by the grace of God, I heard of your practice. One morning I decided to call, by following your advice, getting adjustments and taking my “cod liver oil” as well as the cold laser, it’s amazing how much better I feel! In fact, I don’t feel better, I feel great! I’m off medication as an answer to pain, my blood pressure is normal, and an added bonus – I’m losing weight. Thank you so much for your kindness, concern and your professionalism.”

- V.M.

"Frequent nagging neck pain and stiffness accompanied by upper back pain was a condition I had come to accept as normal prior to becoming a patient. I am proud to say, the treatments I’ve received have resulted in greatly increased mobility in my neck and almost total elimination of the pain. Another, totally unexpected result, is the reduction of nasal congestion problems.”

- B.C.

"My left knee was hurting very bad. I believed I had damaged it beyond repair, but on completing my 4th visit, I now know how to not injure myself while working out! And would recommend All my family & friends to this office, as I was referred by 2 friends.”

- M.R.

I wanted to let you know that I DID complete the Air Force Marathon on Saturday, Sept 15. Definitely not my best time (4:24) but my goal at this point was just to finish. I actually felt pretty good until the last six miles, when I think my lack of training caught up to me and I slowed my pace to a crawl. My right hamstring, knee, and butt felt surprisingly good with a little pain, but not extreme. I have a very swollen left ankle and very sore right quad but the areas you worked on feel great! I honestly don’t think I could have even completed the marathon without your help. When I came to you, I could barely run a step without severe pain and never would have thought I could finish this race. I know I whined a lot when you poked me, shocked me, and stuck me with needles (imagine that!) – but it was all worth it.Thanks so much everything you did. You will definitely see me again very soon!”

- D.S.



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